Visions of Paradise -Nature’s Haven

Visions of paradise – nature’s haven is not just about what you see, it’s about what you hear, smell, taste and touch.  From the tender age of three I used all my senses through play, as I wandered about the grounds on our little family plot in Jamaica.  It was there that my childhood visions developed and I saw nature as work of art.  All of nature came to life, I even saw life and movement in something as solid as the large stones down by the river.  It was all indeed quite magical.  The experience was truly a wonderful one, that I look back on with great joy.  Today it is through my work that I am elated and if I can give something back to my audience, then the rest of my childhood from the age of six, that simply just drifted by, did not do so in vain.  Those early years continue to see me through.

Here are some of my catchphrases:

“Art is not just about what you see”.

“Beautiful art straight from the heart”.

Nature is just like a work of art in itself”.


Here is my portfolio of recent works