I am the founder and director of my company, Natural Bliss Arts, inspired by my life experiences and, in particular, the many facets of the natural world.

At the moment I am a part-time mature fine art degree student and am in the second year of my course.  My work is quite versatile and I am extremely creative.  My work embodies paintings, prints, sculpture, installation, textiles and photography.  It comes under the genre of narrative art, as it always reverts back to telling a story involving nature.


The essence of my work is a reflection of memories of my life as a young child, where I spent the first six years on a family farm at my birthplace of St. Thomas, Jamaica.   Friendly faces appeared in the bushes.  When I span round, the trees, birds, stones, sky, and various natural forms came to life and twirled round with me. At night when I looked up at the stars, I saw their twinkling, smiling faces.  The roots of my subconscious memory are, undoubtedly, in my love of the great outdoors and, more importantly, the pleasures it gave me as a young child, in a world I believed to be so perfect.    Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and that’s the way I saw it.

I have taken part in several art exhibitions and craft fairs, where my work was for sale.  Some of my work has been reproduced onto items such as greetings cards, postcards, T-Shirts, gift boxes, mugs and key rings.  I hope that through my work, you’ll be able to use your senses to feel what I feel, hear what I hear, and see what I see and experience, so don’t be coy, stand back and enjoy!

Dorrele Morgan


Video of the “Visions of Paradise-Nature’s Haven” art exhibition private viewing at the Dugdale Centre, Enfield.